This Isn't Plastic Surgery, It's Nightmare Fuel

Kids these days! With their computers and fancy software, they get up to all kinds of fun, doing things like freaking out the internet, for example. Oh to be young!

Earlier this year, it was a bit of a thing in China for teens to post altered photos of themselves with pointy chins and enormous eyes—a culmination of the ideal anime face and anime eyes.


Now, that trend seems to have reached critical mass in neighboring South Korea. (Because it wasn't at critical mass before?) According to reports, these photos were uploaded by a self-professed 13 year-old in South Korea, who apparently wrote, "I wish everyone would get plastic surgery like mine!"


These photos do look like arcade sticker pictures that have had the hell Photoshopped out of them, just as those photos emerging out of China earlier this year did, too. Online in Japan, where the images have spread through numerous blogs, many are saying the pics look like they've worked Photoshop to death—as well as saying the snaps resemble Picassos. Modern art!


Even though they appear to be altered and even though gamers see all sorts of manufactured horrors in the titles they play, that doesn't stop these photos from being this: scary as hell. Sweet dreams.

韓国人の整形の方向性が斜め上どころじゃねぇwwww [2ch via ソニック速報]

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