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This Isn't "Character Creation", It's More Amazing Than That

Have you ever created a character in your own (or somebody else's) likeness in a game? Oblivion, perhaps? Or FIFA? If you have, no matter how good it looked, it suddenly looks like crap next to this.

This is the new character creation suite for space MMO EVE Online, currently being tested out by the game's players. What you're seeing is not a pre-rendered trailer, nor an "idealised" vision of a character that will be simplified once you're actually in the game.


No, what you see here is what you'll see in the game, which when you consider EVE will soon let players leave their ships and wander around space stations is really something else.

[YouTube, thanks Jon!]

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Not only does it look amazing, but it also looks relatively easy to use. Among stuff like Oblivion and Fallout, this definitely stands out.

I am impressed.