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This is Why Everyone Was Hating on Steel Battalion Today

Maybe you're thinking to yourself, "Geez, Evan, you sure made Steel Battalion sound like a terrible experience in your review today." Damn right I did and deservedly so, might I add. And it wasn't just me. Over at Polygon, Justin McElroy rounds up a few other game critics who related just how unplayable this Kinect game is.


But maybe you need more. Maybe you need visual proof of just how annoying this game is.


Things to keep in mind:
-Before video editor Chris Person and I started shooting, I spent about 15 minutes just trying to calibrate the game to recognize me. The console's Kinect tuner could read me just fine so I have to assume it's something about how the game was parsing that data that was awry.

-What you're seeing is drawn from the first few sections of Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor. As the game progresses, more threats get thrown at you, things get hairier and the level of frustration gets even higher.

See? Terrible, isn't it? Shame on you, Capcom and From Software.

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A game like this wouldn't exist without Kinect.

Can you imagine in this day Capcom trying to pitch a "buy this game and this $200 controller you can only use on this game" and expect MAD PROFIT from it?

So a new SB can only be one of two things - a boring mech game with a traditional controller, or an attempt to replicate the $200 controller using an already-existing, alternative control scheme.

Not saying that it makes a bad game good, I'm just saying - what else were you expecting? To shell out $200+ on one game? Would you even bother? Would enough of you bother to make it viable to Capcom to do so?