This Is What The iPad Adds To Pocket God

Pocket God, the hit iPhone-sized game about tormenting cartoon islanders gets an iPad spin-off tomorrow. With it, you'll be able to toss the little guys into space, onto Uranus and through some classic arcade homages. I played it today.

In the video here, I try the starter Pocket God: Journey To Uranus game. The developers at Bolt Creative promise that they will add new content to it regularly, just as they have done with the popular iPhone original. For now, you can see the basics: a classic into-the-volcano toss, some outer-space flight, and riffs on arcade games Tempest and Joust.


This new Pocket God will be out on Thursday, December 15 for $4.99, iPad only.

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finally! i've been waiting a looong time for them to make an iPad native version.

any of you guys play this? if so, what's your attraction? cutesy fun or full blown megalomania?

(i think i might be that second one)

EDIT: "... Thursday, December 15 ..." btw, shouldn't that be 16th? or Wednesday, but I don't see it in the app store...