This Is What It Sounds Like When Dude Huge Cries

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You know Dude Huge likes the Lancers. The blood, the gravelly voices, the destroyed beauty. But do you know what he likes to listen to? What he kicks his feet up to after a hard day's puppy eating/Larry Hryb chainsawing/developing? Let's find out! The Dude's Zune profile has his favourite songs listed, and amongst the picks are Welcome to the Jungle, Paint it Black and, yes, Prince's When Doves Cry. I love that song. I love everyone who loves that song. Don't make me chase you, Dude Huge. Even doves have pride. Cliff At Epic [Zune, via X3F]



When exactly did Cliff become known as "Dude Huge"? I understand that he doesn't want to be called CliffyB anymore, and I'm sure he understands that I can't spell his last name. But Dude Huge sounds like the name of a second-rate pro-wrestler from the 80's, the guy who's only in the fight so that we can all see how awesome Randy Savage is.