This is What a Dungeon Run in Tera Looks Like

During Gamescom 2011 in Germany, the Frogster folks gave press a peek at what a standard dungeon run looks like in the action-packed MMO Tera. Now see for yourself!

This is a shortened version of what was shown to press at Gamescom, featuring a group of Tera players going through a dungeon called the Necromancy Research Office, which sounds a lot more officious than most massively multiplayer online dungeons I've wandered through. Hopefully once the full game launches next year in North America and Europe we'll discover a game full of such dungeons, with file cabinets instead of treasure chests and cork message boards providing helpful clues whilst detailing the major changes coming to the Necromancy Research Group's health plan.

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The dungeon gameplay looks a bit less inviting than the previous gameplay previews. Hacking away on a single enemy for a minute or so with a ton of players, rampant weapon effects obscuring the screen and a bland looking tile set is just far too reminiscent of Lineage II and its many copycats that came after.

More showcasing the giant enemies and pretty outdoor environments, I say!