This Is What A Brony Party Looks Like [Update]

I don't want to be mean here—heck, remember how much fun I had at that one furry party?—but it's difficult to watch this edited footage of a My Little Pony convention concert by Nick Irvin and not be struck by how awkward it is.


To be fair, the furry party probably looked awkward as hell too. Nobody recorded that to my knowledge, though, thankfully. Ultimately, if these people are having fun, then....hey! That's cool.

For reference: a "brony" is someone who is a fan of the cartoon show, My Little Pony.

Update: For the record, I don't have a problem with Bronies, and I'm sorry that I wrote this post with the wrong approach and tone. It should have been more about how it's admirable that they can have fun and not give a f*ck than about how awkward the clip is—for truly, that is the most remarkable thing here.


Best Of "My Little Pony Convention Concert" [Nick Irvin]

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