This Is What A Boss Battle In The New Zelda 3DS Looks Like

Yesterday, after Nintendo announced a new Zelda set in the world of A Link To The Past, Kotaku was given a chance to have some hands-on time with the 3DS title. We saw the new wall mechanic, and Kirk Hamilton was able to work his way to a caterpillar boss battle in the demo—you can see that encounter in the video above. It's Moldorm.


As some of you already know, Moldorm—the caterpillar boss you see above—has made frequent appearances in Zelda games. But this particular boss fight is a duplicate from Link To The Past, specifically found in the 3rd dungeon.

Compare the footage above to this:

Here's some more footage of the 3DS Zelda, including the new wall mechanic. So far, the game inspires confidence.



It looks fun and well-made, but seriously, I just don't like that graphics style. It's cartoony in a generic way (cf Wind Waker, cartoony in an incredible way). Just me?