This Is What A $30,000 PC Gaming Room Looks Like

I am not what you would call a hardware fetishist. I came to be a PC gamer because when I was a child and, later, a student and early twentysomething, I never had the money for consoles but there was a computer in the house. I came to it from convenience first, and only later grew to find glee in being able to select particular, powerful parts. My personal taste these days runs to the understated, with a simple case hiding beneath my desk and disguising the parts within.

Now, all of that said... haven't we all sometimes daydreamed about what our set-ups would look like if money were no object? I have, from time to time. Well, now we know. The room itself isn't particularly large, but the systems inside it are quite nice indeed. I admit, I could like to give that a try. Now all I need is $30,000. And a spare room...


I present to you.. $30,000 PC Gaming Room. [Reddit]


I don't understand spending that much money on computers unless you work in CG and need a render farm at your house. I get that people like to spend money on their hobby and that's cool, I totally get that, but this seems a little...much.