Announced back in April with few deets, finally we now know what the Legend of Zelda version of the popular-amongst-old-people board game Monopoly looks like.

Don't be too alarmed by that "GAMESTOP EXCLUSIVE" tag there; as with new video games, GameStop just has a couple extra perks in its box, and all these pictures came from the retailer's newly filled listing for the game. Anyway, here's the board (feel free to enlarge):

And here are the game pieces that act as your avatars:

That Ocarina there is apparently one of the GameStop exclusives, along with six Power Cards "for added game play" and a poster map. My grandma never had Power Cards with her Monopoly board so We'll probably be ok without them if need be.


Anyway, all of these things together in one picture looks like this:

GameStop lists Monopoly: The Legend of Zelda at $40 with a release date of September 15. Do with that knowledge what you will.