This Is the Mantra of Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

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While its big, burly characters make it look like it wants to be Gears of War, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine's core tenant is distinctly un-Gears-like: Cover is for the weak.


This image arrived at my home in poster form late last week, following my gameplay impressions of the recently released demo for Relic Entertainment's Warhammer hack and slash shooter. The game drops next week on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, so you'd best memorize this mantra.

Click here for the full-size version of the poster.

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I guess Kotaku's writing policy now is to incite rage in comments. From saying a game is boring and bad, without even playing it. To saying X game is like Y game, when they know the comparrison will cause problems.

40k has been around for 1987.... that's a long time BEFORE Gears of War was even around... let alone concept art. 40k doesn't need to be like anything, cause... it was one, and I repeat, one of the founding fathers of such games.

Space Marines use cover only when needed, they are not going to stand in the open planning an attack as shots whiz past them. So they'll take cover and attack at the right movement. Power armor deflecting shots as they go. They don't 'need' cover... but in some cases it's useful. In other cases, it's something to smash through. Like in Gears of War, you'd be contained by a small blockade with some rubble and barbed wire on it, sure you can shoot aliens and take hits like a champ, but can't walk over barbed wire? Sometimes developers make me cry.

Still, I just wonder if the inflammatory comments are on purpose or are a general feeling/thought. Cause... thinking 40k wants to be Gears of War.... My .gif image (if this site lets me) displays my view on this.