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​This Is The Latest Steam Controller

Illustration for article titled ​This Is The Latest Steam Controller

Valve just sent us this image, a more clear depiction of the latest Steam Controller prototype that they detailed back in January.


Likely in the interest of backward compatibility, this latest prototype has eight clear buttons on the front, which will doubtless make it easier for the controller to support Xbox 360-style XInput controls. It'll be at Valve's booth at GDC next week, where I'll be sure to check it out.


The full two-part image Valve sent, for the sake of comparison:

Illustration for article titled ​This Is The Latest Steam Controller

For more on Valve's process designing the controller, check out this Q&A with one of the project's designers.

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Did Microsoft not patent the X-Y A-B buttons, like the specific use of those letters and their locations relative to each other? I noticed the leaked image of the rumored Amazon gaming controller had the exact same letters and positioning.