This is the Last Presidential Election Gimmick Mobile Game I Will Write About Unless One Kills a Guy

It seems lately that not a day goes by without another mobile game with ties to the upcoming presidential election arrives in my inbox. They paste the Republican and Democratic candidates into trite video game situations, offer to donate a portion of sales to the appropriate campaign fund. They call them exciting and action-packed. I'm done.

Operation: White House 2012 from Worldwide Soapbox has the honor of being the last, mainly because I needed an example and it presented itself. Here's the description, taken from beneath the YouTube video:

Operation: White House 2012 is a fast-paced, arcade-style game for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Select your candidate and protect his voters from the fast, furious and diverse onslaughts cast by the opposing party to ensure continued success on the campaign trail.


Look at the video. Then read that description again and ponder how it's a big, crazy world filled with different definitions of fast-paced.

The main draw of apps like Operation: White House 2012 is that they will donate money to the political campaign of your favorite candidate, just like The Political Arena from last week. For those of you so eager to give your money to politicians that you'd consider purchasing a mobile game just to make it easier, I give you the following links:

Obama Campaign
Romney Campaign
Batman Campaign

Just do that. I'm going to take a nap and then work on more Batman campaign signs. Wake me if anyone dies.

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How do I give money to the Libertarian candidate?

This two party system bullshit is irksome.