The current "plastic instruments" phase of the music game scene seems to have run its course. Next up must surely be the genre's logical conclusion: Air Guitar Hero.

This concept clip by British artist Chris O'Shea shows what Microsoft's Kinect could do in the hands of somebody who's serious about making a rock n' roll game.


It ticks all those "wailing on an air guitar in the shower" wish fulfilment boxes: it actually plays the sounds you're imitating, it generates a "real" guitar in your hands and, best of all, is able to project your likeness onto a stadium stage.

So, yes, it's a rock n' roll fantasy come to life. You can be just like Mark Wahlberg! Only, with less leather pants. Or more, if that's your thing!

Activision, Harmonix, I hope you're taking notes, because air guitar is way more rock n' roll than little plastic guitars.


Air Guitar Prototype [Chris O'Shea]

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