This Is The Future Of Guitar Hero

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The current "plastic instruments" phase of the music game scene seems to have run its course. Next up must surely be the genre's logical conclusion: Air Guitar Hero.


This concept clip by British artist Chris O'Shea shows what Microsoft's Kinect could do in the hands of somebody who's serious about making a rock n' roll game.

It ticks all those "wailing on an air guitar in the shower" wish fulfilment boxes: it actually plays the sounds you're imitating, it generates a "real" guitar in your hands and, best of all, is able to project your likeness onto a stadium stage.

So, yes, it's a rock n' roll fantasy come to life. You can be just like Mark Wahlberg! Only, with less leather pants. Or more, if that's your thing!

Activision, Harmonix, I hope you're taking notes, because air guitar is way more rock n' roll than little plastic guitars.

Air Guitar Prototype [Chris O'Shea]



These games need to die. The Hero brand needs to die. Harmonix needs to die. Activision needs to die. Bobby Kotick needs to die.

DDR is all that we'll ever need in terms of bashing buttons at the right time.