This is the First Gameplay Footage of the new Dreamfall

Just as Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey got near its $850,000 funding goal at Kickstarter, developer Red Thread Games put up an early prototype gameplay video.


You can see the heroine Zoe running around a rich, fully explorable, shiny forest environment called Riverwood, as well as the new hybrid interface that combines freeroam movement and classic point and click gameplay.

The Kickstarter for the project was launched on the 8th February and, should the campaign succeed, it will make Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey the third installment of the adventure series.

Dreamfall Chapters Kickstarter video update #1 [YouTube]



I loved The Longest Journey, but it also had awful. AWFUL. puzzles. Like exceptionally convoluted and terrible. Looking back I can't think how I managed to solve them on my own when I played it as a wee lass. I will always remember it for having that stupid puzzle with the inflatable duck inner tube and the other one with the wind-up monkey, slow janitor, and the sewer candy. It was like the game hated you and was trying to express it in the most passive-aggressive way possible, but had such beautiful writing, acting, and concepts you put up with it. I haven't played Dreamfall so I don't know if it continues that fine tradition.