This Is The Best Doritos-Themed Xbox Live Arcade Game Of 2010

The voting is over and Doritos Crash Course comes out ahead of Harm's Way as the winner of the 2010 Doritos Unlock Xbox Challenge, earning Jill Robertson of Raleigh, North Carolina $50,000.

Earlier this month the two finalists of the 2010 Doritos Unlock Xbox Challenge had their designs brought to life and uploaded to the Xbox Live Marketplace, where players would decide the final outcome of the close battle between Robertson's Doritos Crash Course and Harm's Way, a co-operative combat racer from Justin Carpenter of Ogden, Utah.


With more than two million downloads between them, Xbox 360 owners played the hell out of both games before casting their vote for the grand prize winner. When the smoke cleared, Jill Robertson's fast-paced avatar obstacle course game came out on top.

"This entire experience has been nothing short of amazing – from dreaming up my initial concept to creating the fully playable version for Xbox LIVE Arcade," said Robertson. "I'm grateful to Doritos, Microsoft and all the fans who voted for my game. Being part of this contest has given my gaming career a huge leap forward, and I'm excited to see what happens next."

Don't weep for Justin Carpenter, however. Due to overwhelmingly positive feedback from players, the Doritos brand made a slight change to the prize structure of the contest, awarding him $50,000 as well.

Both Doritos Crash Course and Harm's Way are still available for free on the Xbox Live Marketplace. If you haven't already, download them and check out why Doritos shelled out $100,000 to praise their creators.

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I played the hell out of both games before deciding.

Harms Way had excellent driving physics, beautiful rendered backgrounds and graphics, however the game play wasn't there. You had power ups sure, but mostly turbo boost and a deflector shield which have been done even before twisted metal. The turret part was pretty interesting, but again lacked depth and replay. Constantly switching from turret to turret trying to snipe cars was repetitive. And if you didn't play online you where only limited to one type of ammo. The replay value was really not there.

Crash Course, Reminded me a lot of Trials. Only less difficult and with more obstacles to over come. Its design was simple and straight forward however the level of addictiveness and replay value was tremendous. It was surprisingly very competitive as I kept finding myself trying to beat my friends time on each map.

Either way both games where great for the size of the team, the budget and for being ABSOLUTELY FREE! Great jobs to both developers!