Carded | TOKYO, JAPAN: AKB48 member Haruka Ishida shows her new business card at an event for Chevalier Saga Tactics. (Photo: Game Watch Impress)

45-Year-Old Bikini Pin-Up: Get Laid for Your Career

Youth is at a premium in Japan. Video game characters are often in their teens (or younger). And in candy-coated world of idols, girls start young. But decade after decade, there's been one pin-up who keeps on keeping on: More »


Minecraft - Pocket Edition Hits Select Android's Xperia Play Today for $7

Minecraft - Pocket Edition hits the Android Xperia Play today exclusively for $6.99 with later Android versions hitting in the near future. The best part? More »


"Came Home to My Mom Playing Zelda Drunk at 2am"

Submitted by [deleted] on Reddit. No need to be embarrassed! Parents play video games, too! Just ask my kids. And this is way better than coming home to your mom playing Zelda drunk at 2pm. More »


Rick Perry's Idea of American Ingenuity is a Canadian Video Game

Governor and Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry is as wholesome and American as they come. He believes in hard work, patriotism, faith in god, and good old American ingenuity, even if we have to import it from Canada. More »


If Bioshock Infinite Encourages Cosplay Like This, I'm All For It

Russian cosplayer Ormeli offers her take on Bioshock Infinite's "Elizabeth", the emotive sidekick that accompanies you throughout your adventure in a time-rent floating city. More »


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