This is Skulls of the Shogun. You Should Be Aware of It.

Some people have called Skulls of the Shogun the best strategy game of E3. I've called it a "Wu-Tang Advance Wars." Let's here how the game's lead creator, Jake Kazdal, describes the game in this exclusive developer documentary provided to Kotaku by Kazdal and his crew.


Enjoy the video which is stuffed with gameplay clips. Look for Skulls of the Shogunas a downloadable Xbox Live Arcade game in the winter, hopefully in January 2012, if things go as planned. I've played several of the game's levels and can assure you that Skulls deserves your anticipation. It's fun, especially if you like Advance Wars, X-Com, Final Fantasy Tactics or, simply, thinking.

Bonus good news: The music in this clip is actually in the game.

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