This Is It, The Michael Jackson PS3 Bundle

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This is, ahem, it. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is releasing a new bundle with the Michael Jackson documentary This Is It.


Don't be that surprised — Sony Pictures is releasing This Is It on Blu-ray and DVD.

Priced at ¥33,500 (US$366), the bundle includes a 120GB Hard Disk Drive "Charcoal Black" PS3, a Blu-ray copy of This Is It, a wireless DUALSHOCK 3, a power cord, one AV cable and one USB cable.

The PS3 bundle will be released in Japan on January 27, the same day the disk version of This Is It documentary goes on sale in The Land of the Rising Sun. The Blu-ray version of the film includes special vignettes of Thriller and Smooth Criminal as well as a special PS3 wallpaper.



This is it - as in "this is it, we've finally run out of good ideas for bundles".