This weekend, Buzzfeed published an article about Homme Mystere—a lingerie line for men. Homme Mystere offers all sorts of things, from thongs, to bras (bros?) and everything in between. And judging from the promotional photography, it was determined that video games would be a good way to sell this lingerie line.

Not that this couple needs video games to have fun, of course:

While the company has been around for a while, people are paying attention lately thanks to a recent video of their runway show.

Anyway, I'm curious—if you were hypothetically in the market for men's lingerie, does including video games in the marketing make the lingerie more appealing to you? Or heck, what do you think about their marketing strategy here, period?


Oh, and—if you visit the Homme Mystere website? Make sure to check out the C-Strings.

Finally, The Men's Lingerie Market Keeps Pace With The Women's [Buzzfeed]