With all the talk about gloom and doom and often hangs over arcade gaming, it's nice to see a new arcade open. And open with style.

On April 28, Taito opened a flagship arcade in Yokohama, Japan, complete with execs from parent company Square Enix and 30-year-old celebrity Maomi Yuuki. Oh, and Gaspard and Lisa.


Gaspard and Lisa prizes can be snagged in Taito crane games. Makes sense!

The six story arcade boasts approximately 300 machines and is open year round from 9am to midnight. The basement has crane games and music games; the first floor has crane games; the second floor has arcade games, gun games and card games; the third floor has medal games; the fourth floor has medal games, pachinko games and pachi-slot games; the fifth floor has mahjong games; and the sixth floor has sticker picture machines.

タイトー、横浜西口五番街に「タイトーステーション」旗艦店をオープン。新プライズ「リサとガスパール」シリーズを発表〜ゲストに優木まおみさんが登場〜 [Game Watch]

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