This Is How To Get Us Excited About MotionPlus, Nintendo

While the promise of 1:1 Wii Remote control is a tantalising one in theory, so far we've seen it working on...Wii Sports 2. Uh, thanks. With the company that's supposed to bring smiles doing nothing of the sort, it's instead left to the MotionPlus' creator, boring tech company AiLive, to show us a video that, despite being shot in 10 minutes with one of the techs and a shitty handycam, really gets us all excited about the add-ons potential. You'll want to skip to around the 1:50 mark.


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@asphix20: The Wii already comes with a wiimote and nunchuk, so you don't need to buy 4 of each. Also I'm enjoying mine just fine without buying any extras. If M+ had come out on launch day, it would have been more than $20 apiece. Wasn't it the head of EA who said he was impressed that Nintendo found a partner who could make gyros so small for so cheap? When ATI makes a new GPU 2 years after their last one, you don't say that tech should have been in the last one for no extra charge.