This Is How Kinect Turns Your Face Into A Talking Avatar

At CES 2011, Microsoft unveiled Avatar Kinect, a new Xbox 360 app that uses the Kinect camera to track your facial expressions for a personalized, glorified chatroom. Just what does Avatar Kinect see? More than you might think.

This brief tech demo illustrates how Kinect follows the head and multiple points on a person's face to interpret their expressions and movement. What is now being translated into rather simple emotes and animation on Xbox Live Avatars will hopefully be used for greater purposes in the future.


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Darth Tigris

You know ... one of these days I really hope people take their little snarky comments and douchy attitudes and actually start seeing the potential of the tech that keeps popping up for Kinect.

Seriously, I'm not even a developer and I salivate at the unprecedented ways in which this could give us engrossing gaming experiences 2 years ago we thought were science fiction. I can't even imagine what these nutty devs out there have cooking for us . . .