This Is Good News For The Future Graphics Of Minecraft

Minecraft has a great personality, but it's not the prettiest game in the world. Fortunately for the more superficial of us, developer Notch has taken some of that Minecraft money and hired a great artist, one you already know.


That'd be the Swedish artist who calls himself "Junkboy." You may remember him from such JPEGs and GIFs as this Portal and Ico mash-up or these 22 spectacular "demakes" of modern and classic games. The accomplished pixel and digital paint artist is now one of the full-time staffers making Minecraft better and prettier.

To see more of Junkboy's work, hit his deviantArt account and start fantasizing about how much better Creepers will look when Minecraft makes its way out of alpha.

Survival Mode Multiplayer is priority #1 [Minecraft - thanks, Jonathan!]

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