This Is Easily The Greatest Xbox Live Beatboxing I've Ever Heard

We've all heard a lot of weird things over Xbox Live, and by "weird things" I mean "new and creative horizons in racism and homophobia." But sometimes, just sometimes, we get to hear something truly amazing. This is one of those times.

In the video above, beatboxer PinturaEFX (whose real name is Joshua Miranda) goes to town on his Xbox Live microphone. If more guys celebrated victory in this way, I'd play a hell of a lot more Call of Duty online. You can listen to more of Miranda's music here, and he's informed me that he'll have more tracks available soon.

That video found via AmazingFilms247 and UncleConway, the former of which cleverly use the term "Xboxing." So if this catches on, that's what we'll call it. You know... if it catches on.

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When I was foolish enough to pay for an Xbox Live subscription just to play Street Fighter IV, I always turned off voice chat. Really no use for it, and it sure was a waste of money paying that money just to play one game I'm interested in. It's like paying for 2 games for a year.