This Is Crysis 2 Multiplayer In Action

From Germany's EA Gamescom event we got the first look of the multiplayer of next year's Crysis 2. Like what you see?

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Don't care. I bought Crysis for the single-player, and wasn't let down. The way you used the nano-suit, coupled with the awesome weapons, and the fact that you could play the game as you wanted given the incredible level design... it was awesome. Plus, the shooting itself was just incredibly solid, and leagues better than... well, pretty much every FPS I've ever played. The weapons had just the right amount of heft. Plus, the audio (and I realize that this is pretty shitty audio here given the video quality) was amazing. Actually, the only thing I hated about Crysis was the writing and lack of optimization. It was a perfect shooter otherwise.

Also, lol, that guy sucks at gaming with a controller. I'm guessing he's used to playing it on a PC—that's exactly how I played when I first transitioned.