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This Is A Really Good Sexy Sci-Fi Western Text Adventure

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Tired of all the news about games (sequels) you might be able to play some day? Here's a game you can play right now—it's a science fiction western featuring scheming bandits.

And the Horse You Rode in On is a text adventure by Anna Anthropy and Lydia Neon. It's sort of like a playful, sexy choose-your-own adventure set in a Dark Tower-esque world. Here's a taste:

Outside the tent, I pull on my clothes, my boots, my hat, all the accoutrements of the bandita experience. Clip the canteen to my belt, sling the satchel over my shoulder, feel the reassuring weight of the metal box inside it.

The desert glows alien blue beneath the nearer of the two moons. Standing motionless beside the tent, their bright LED eyes the only sign they're awake, alert, and ready to ride, are our robot mustangs.

Standing here like statues are Di's horse, Quicksilver, and my own horse, Whore Palace.


I played through and reached a satisfying conclusion without the need to backtrack or solve any annoying puzzles.

Illustration by Sam Alden.

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