This Is A Nice, Nice Xbox 360

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When a Hollywood special effects master sits down and whips up a custom Xbox 360 console, this is the end result.


Designed by Richard Taylor from WETA Workshop (ie the Lord of the Rings special effects guys, who were also down to work on the aborted Halo movie), the one-of-a-kind console - which is part Xbox 360, part diorama - shows that if your 360 is going to die, it may as well die having its guts spilled all over the floor by a diving Master Chief.

The Xbox is part of a range of other one-of-a-kind consoles put up for auction by Microsoft Australia to celebrate the 360 passing the million-sold mark in Australia, others including a crystal-covered console containing over 11,000 Swarovski stones and a bunch of machines with celebrity autographs (and the relevant celebrity's face airbrushed on the side).

Be sure to click on the above pic to see it full-sized!

Konsoles for Kids [Microsoft]


Haha, that is a sneaky watermark.