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This Guy Reckons He's Made Over $10,000 Playing Diablo III

Illustration for article titled This Guy Reckons Hes Made Over $10,000 Playing emDiablo III/em

As soon as Blizzard announced its real-money auction house for Diablo III, no doubt millions of gamers around the world began fantasising that they'd be able to make some serious money on the service.


Well, this guy claims he already is.

Reddit user WishboneTheDog has posted screencaps of his transaction history, which if legit show he's built himself quite the little business.


The revelation comes as part of an "Ask me Anything" thread on the site, in which he says he's going to report it for tax purposes (because it's income), that in the early months of the game he was in the auction house for 8-12 hours a day (making it almost a full-time job), and that he makes nearly all of his money on "same day" trades in which he gets an item and immediately "flips" it for a profit.

If you do the math, $10,000 in three months blows out to $40,000 in a year if he sticks at it. That's not a bad way to make a living, providing you don't get bored of the game.

Anyone with an interest in economics should really go read the whole thread, it gets into some pretty technical details on how he makes his money and the nature of the trade.

I've made $10,000+ legitimately from the D3 market. AMAA [Reddit]

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And then you remember that a Porsche 911 Carrera S cannot be had for 40k, let alone including living expenses. This occurs to you about 4 months in while your mind is slowly turning into a substance akin to gelatinous ooze.

While cool, not really worth the time. At all. Didn't read the whole thread, but I would assume he isn't turning it into a full time job for similar reasons.

Edit: To follow up, the comment was very poorly worded. What I was thinking at the time of writing is that even for the relatively decent payoff, it isn't productive or beneficial to anyone in the way that a more conventional job would be. Not entirely sure why I worded it that way, my apologies.