Like, really stiff. The girl isn't, though. She's into aerobics.

To bring everyone up to speed, one time cosplaying Ikki Tousen ladies swung by to play video games, another time a mistress spanked ASCII staffers and, of course, the time the gladiator girl helped with office work. If anyone ever asks you what is the best Japanese company to work for, tell them Dengeki publisher ASCII Media Works.

Moe Wakaki, a 24-year-old bikini model from Yamaguchi Prefecture, visited the ASCII offices to promote online game Grandia Online. The mannequin she is with is "Mr. Suzuki". She lives with Mr. Suzuki and uploads videos of her life with him on YouTube.

Apparently, Moe has lost interest in real guys, so that's why she lives with this life-sized doll. They have been living together for 300 days. It's kind of like that Hollywood movie Lars and the Real Girl — or something.

In a sea of young, cute pin-up girls, some of them try to act as strange as possible to stand out — so the rest of the country can go, wow, this lady is really strange. Models like Yuko Ogura and Shoko Nakagawa first burst on to the scene by doing things like claiming to be from outer space and sniffing cat butts. They need a schtick, a gimmick, an act. They are entertainers, and simply being cute is not entertaining enough! (Especially, when cute bikini girls are a dime a dozen.)


However, these models typically have difficulty once the novelty wears off (Japanese people tend to get bored of fad rather quickly!) and then they find themselves attempting to act more mature so that they can sustain a longer career.

Still, good luck with Mr. Suzuki! He seems like a keeper.

『グラオン☆まにあ』パーソナリティ、若木萌さんが編集部に遊びに来た! - 電撃オンライン [Dengeki Online]