This Guiness Record Promo Photo Is Scary

ACK. That's Lee Redmond, who hasn't cut her fingernails since 1979, in a promotional photo for Guinness World Records: The Videogame. That kid with her must be frightened out of his mind. We sure as hell are. Press release after the jump:

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Will Publish Game on WiiTM and Nintendo DSTM in Fall 2008 London, England - Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and TT Games are teaming up with Guinness World Records to bring Guinness World Records: The Videogame to Wii and Nintendo DS in fall 2008. Guinness World Records: The Videogame, developed by TT Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, will offer players of all ages the opportunity not only to observe and marvel at the most remarkable activities in the world, but actually to participate in them. Guinness World Records: The Videogame is full of amazing world records, giving players the opportunity to become a real world record breaker! The game’s quick-fire action challenges can be played solo, in teams, or in competitive multi-player groups. Accessible game mechanics enable anyone to grow the longest fingernails ever seen; to walk a tightrope across the Grand Canyon; or even eat a jumbo jet. But true skill and dedication will be required to compete at the highest level. The ultimate prize: you may see your name appear in the official Guinness World Records book! “Guinness World Record lends itself wonderfully to an interactive experience for the whole family,” said Tom Stone, Managing Director of TT Games Publishing. “We’re excited at this opportunity to team up with such a well-loved institution to create a really fresh and fun game.” “We are very pleased with how Guinness World Records: The Videogame looks and plays, this new development reflects the versatility of our content and how it can be tailored for almost any medium and format,” Sam Fay, Senior Vice President of Guinness World Records. “We are sure that the game is going to be a favourite amongst all aspiring record breakers!” Guinness World Records: The Videogame launches in Fall 2008.


Insane fingernail lady stumps for Guinness World Records Wii game [Aeropause]



one big EWWWW at the color of the nails. New kinds of filtch must be breeding and living under those nails.

Im feeling sick....