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Late last week, a new candy commercial featuring girl group AKB48 began broadcasting on Japanese television.

In the commercial, young idols passed the chewy Puccho candy via mouth-to-mouth. Online in Japan, there were the typical, "Oh, this turns me on" or "I want to join in" type of comments, but also harsh criticism, too.

"I'd feel awkward if this came on TV while my family was around," wrote one. "This is anything but cute," added another. "It's unsettling and sending chills through my body."

Others seemed to think this was AKB48 stooping pretty low. I just think surely they can pass the wrapped candy around with their hands. Puccho that's already been in somebody's mouth? No thanks!


AKB48出演の「ぷっちょ」CMに「悪寒」「気まずい」とツイッターユーザーが困惑 [Livedoor]