This German Screenshot Reportedly Says When Halo 4’s Map Packs Are Dropping

Lots of players—including Kotaku's own Tina Amini—think that Halo 4 needs more maps. 343 Industries has said that additional multiplayer environments are coming but hasn't clued anyone in as to the exact arrival times. But the screenshot above from a German Xbox 360 dashboard appears to reveal dates for the next three sets of maps for the sci-fi FPS.


The news surfaced over on Halo Council,where the Crimson, Majestic and Castle DLCs get attached to December 10th, February 25th and April 1st. The dashboard screen advertises a War Games Map Pass, which goes for 2,000 MS points or $25 in the U.S. Kotaku has reached out to Microsoft for confirmation and will update if they respond.

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