This Game Was Inspired By Super Mario Bros. 2

There are so many — too many? — games inspired by the original Super Mario Bros. Not FiNCK. It was inspired by the sequel. The one with the vegetables.

Developer Nicklas (Nifflas) Nygren, who you may know as the creator of Knytt, told me he's "experimenting with the gameplay mechanics of Super Mario Bros 2 to create a puzzle game rather than just a action platformer. The game is a break from my usual atmospheric stuff and was just designed to be fun to create and play."

Play it for free. Pay a few bucks for the soundtrack and a level editor.

Looking back to the many hours I spent playing SMB2 in my youth, I'm still not sure if the game was any good or if I was just falling for the Mario branding (since it wasn't really a Mario game!). I did learn how to land on flying eggs pretty well.


Anyway, go check out FiNCK.

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Captain K'nuckles

I love SMB2. I really wish we could get over this whole bias concerning the title's lineage.