This Game Of Thrones Drinking Game Will Have You Wasted in 10 Minutes Flat

Illustration for article titled This emGame Of Thrones /em Drinking Game Will Have You Wasted in 10 Minutes Flat

Watching Game of Thrones is fun, but you know what's more fun? Watching Game of Thrones while totally smashed.


Thanks to artist Lucylle, we've got what might be the most comprehensive (and dangerous) Game of Thrones drinking game ever. She put this together just as the second season started, and now that I've seen a few episodes, I'm further convinced of its potency.

I would play as House Lannister, because I like whiskey and I like wine. Also because Lannisters are totally the best.


Right off the bat, you're going to be taking a lot of sips. Take a sip every time Arya vows to kill someone.

Every time Joffrey acts like a DB.

Every time crows caw ominously or appear in dreams. (Entering dangerous territory here.)

Every time Hodor says "Hodor?" (Yikes.)

Take a shot every time someone swigs a drink??

Seven hells! Forget man, this is the most dangerous game.

I am so playing this on Sunday.

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Can anyone tell me why I should watch this show?

It doesn't look all that good. Friend told me it was Skyrim the tv show, but I've seen like no monsters or dragons.... Saw a trailer. It looked super corny and the acting (and actors, including women wearing full makeup which is always a turn off when trying to watch these medieval type of shows/movies) was embarrassing.

I heard there are sex scenes. But I'll tell you right now I dun give two shits about sex scenes.