One of the best things about 80's sci-fi were the vector graphics and user interfaces so many film and TV artists thought we'd be using in the future.

Seen all over the place (here's Running Man's intro as an example, or Escape From New York's), they've sadly faded into obscurity as the world (and movies) moved on and realised it could do so much better.

For sad nostalgics like me, though, there's no harm in revisiting the style, and that's exactly what Vektropolis, from British studio Dark Computer Entertainment, looks to be trying to do.

The video above is still very early in the development process, with some placeholder assets and sound in place. Even from what's there, though, it looks pretty good!

You can keep up with the game's development on its official Twitter account, which is also where you can find some nice screenshots.


[via Pixel Prospector]