This isn't old-school Mickey Mouse—no, it's Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel, a puzzle-heavy adventure game with a fantastic art-style.

Look at this animation. It's so pretty.


The premise, according to the Steam Greenlight page:

In Toonville, Fleish the Fox is the star in vogue, featured in all the shorts recorded at this city where the toons live. Jealous of his fame, his enemy, Mr. Mintz, always attempts to ruin his adventures, by capturing his girlfriend, the charming Cherry. But the events will take an unexpected turn, when Mr. Mintz decides to kidnap Fleish instead, and bring him at the top of a hotel under construction. This time, it will fall to Cherry to muster her courage and overcome the craziness awaiting her through the multiple floors of the building, in order to rescue her beloved. Put on her high-heel shoes and save Fleish the Fox!

The real star here are the visuals though. Have some more screenshots, where you also can see the dialogue system:


What a beauty. The game is currently raising money over at IndieGoGo, if you'd like to offer some support.

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