This Game Boy Also Plays SNES, NES, GBA & Neo Geo Games

Combining the hipster appeal of an original Game Boy with the practicality of, well, a ton of other Nintendo systems, the Gameboo is a hacked handheld that lets users play games—via emulation—from platforms like the Game Boy Advance, SNES, NES, Neo Geo and of course the Game Boy itself.


While the case is original, almost everything else is new or modified, including the addition of extra buttons, use of a 2.8" colour screen, 4GB of internal memory, TV-out ports, an MP3 player and rechargeable lithium ion battery.

So, yeah, the greatest handheld video game system of all time.

There's an exhaustive progress build thread below.

Gameboo [Casing The Joint, via technabob]

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My cellphone does Gameboy (original, color, advanced), NES, SNES, Playstation 1, and Sega Genesis. And it makes phone calls.