Why isn't Kurt Vonnegut's influence seen in more video games? I couldn't help but wonder that after playing through Vonneguts & Glory, a new (very short) browser game by Shaun Inman based on Kurt Vonnegut's classic novel Slaughterhouse-Five.

It's a weird little thing, a shooter that is unstuck in time—you move backwards, picking up from your death and "unshooting" enemies, bringing them back to life and healing yourself. It's got a pretty cool soundtrack, as well.


The game was created as part of the 7 Day FPS Challenge, which tasks players with creating a first person shooter… in… seven days. Okay you probably guessed that.

The short development time explains Vonneguts & Glory's brevity, but it's fun to imagine where a developer could take this idea if given more time. Something like Braid combined with Wolfenstein 3-D, I suppose?

I bet Soulja Boy would love this game.

Vonneguts & Glory [Official Page via The Verge]