This Fruit Costs Twelve Bucks. Just This.

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In Japan, "omimai" (お見舞い) is when you visit folks in the hospital. My mother-in-law broke her back, so we've been several times. But it's not only family members—like elsewhere, friends and extended family visit, too.


My brother-in-law's company sent a huge dekopon fruit basket, as well as cookies and cakes. My mother-in-law then divided up the dekopon among her kids, sending one our way, too.

Each of these dekopon probably costs about US$12—each. In comparison, normal dekopon are a few bucks. This one is fancy. It was an incredibly nice gesture of my brother-in-law's company to send them. The president is a family friend, which might explain the abundance of fruit and cakes.


Fruit is expensive in Japan, but still nothing too insane at the grocery store (though, I always marvel at how cheap food is in America). The prices, and quality, at department stores increases significantly.

So how did the $12 dekopon taste? De-licious.

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Your mother broke her back?

You stepped on a crack, didn't you, you selfish child?