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This Flight Sim Needs 120 Graphics Cards Just To Get Off The Ground

Illustration for article titled This Flight Sim Needs 120 Graphics Cards Just To Get Off The Ground

Back when they were popular, flight sims needed some pretty hefty hardware to get them running. But I can't remember any of them ever having "120 dedicated graphics cards" under the "required" section on the side of the box.


But the HD World does. A custom F-16 fighter simulator, it runs off 120 dual core PCs with 120 $400 graphics cards inside them, all chained together.

All that processing power gets you 10,000 "entities" on screen at once, realistic explosion and destruction effects and "20-40 visual acuity", which is apparently as close to photo-realism as current projector technology can manage in a situation like this.


Oh, and it all comes wrapped in a 180-degree screen, along with a fully authentic replica of an F-16 cockpit.

If it didn't cost millions and millions of dollars, I'd already have one on order. You can check out a clip of the sim in action below, courtesy of the Star Telegram.

Ultra-HD Military F-16 Flight Simulator Runs on 120 PC Graphic Cards [Gizmodo]

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They should have a few of them plugged in to ave some multiplayer.

Hyper-realistic Team Deathmatch anyone?