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This Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers Attack Is Udderly Ridiculous

On the fence about upcoming Wii title Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, The Crystal Bearers? Not sure if you should pick up the game and worried that Square Enix is simply milking the franchise.


Here's at least one reason why the game is worth a closer look — make that four reason: laser shooting teats.

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This game pisses me off. It's fucking ridiculous. This isn't Crystal Chronicles at ALL! I ADORED the first one for it's interesting characters, vibrant worlds, ASTOUNDING soundtrack and just the general feeling. They sucked— NAY— TORE that out of the franchise and YES they ARE just milking the series at this point. I was SO excited when I heard about a new Crystal Chronicles. When I finally saw a trailer and then soon after some gameplay it looked so surprisingly stupid and UNLIKE the original game that I got really pissed. I wish they would just go back to the way it was =/. #finalfantasycrystalchroniclesc...