You might have somebody in your life who doesn’t get video games. And you may have tried putting them in front of a classic title like Shadow of the Colossus, Braid or World of Goo. But, games might still feel like a foreign experience to them, despite your best efforts. A new documentary wants to change all that.

Ok, yes, this is a Kickstarter campaign but, fear not: Video Games: The Movie is done, according to director Jeremy Snead. He’s assembled loads of familiar bold-faced names from the scrolls of geek royalty but it’s the prospect of going backstage and showing game development at various different stages and scales that might make this movie something special. While not the first doc about making games, VGTM is casting a bigger net than say Indie Game: The Movie. Getting a glimpse of more of the faces and the effort that goes into making games might help that certain someone in your life understand the medium you love.