This Fighter Is Nothing But Girl-On-Girl Action

This is Skullgirls, a game we've only previously whispered about. It's a gorgeous 2D fighting game, and the only fighters are girls.


That's it, no boys allowed. You should leave the catfighting and handbag jokes at the door, too, because as cute as it looks, Skullgirls also looks like a serious fighter.


Initially a two-man project, Skullgirls is now also being worked on by Reverge, a studio set up by former Pandemic staffers after the Battlefront developers went belly-up.

It's apparently been doing the convention rounds for a while now, with the eventual aim to get the game in "both consoles and arcades".

[Skullgirls, via TIGSource]

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Looks pretty good. It kind of reminds me of Melty Blood and the 'all girls' is like Arcana Heart.

EDIT: It has a fair bit of Guilty Gear in there too. Actually, a lot. But that is no way a bad thing.

(I refuse to count the terrible girl on girl 'fighters' that graced the 16bit consoles of the 90's)