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This Fan's Incredible Amiibo Display Case Is Probably Better Than Yours

Amiibo may look like Smash Bros. trophies, but they don’t act like them—not normally, anyway. One fan has spent two years trying to make that fantasy into more of a reality, and the results are awesome.


CaliburLord K uploaded a video showcasing an elaborate Amiibo display that not only lights up, it can tell different Amiibo apart. When an Amiibo is put into the centerpiece, the Smash Bros. announcer shouts the character’s name, the theme music plays, and the figure spins around:


The shelf project seems to have begun in 2015, using a tutorial by ModusPwnin on how to put together an interactive Amiibo gadget. Since then, LED lights were installed and the wood was stained and sealed. Apparently the interactive bit works with all of the Amiibo in the video, which is rad. Here’s a taste:

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Foxstar loves Bashcraft

Nothing at all beats the feeling of building something, setting it up and just looking at it...well provided it doesn’t fall apart, explode or fall over. It’s why home improvement stores are a great investment and know how to get you in that fucking store and only able to walk out after you’ve spent a shit ton

I rebuilt the bird feeder/restraining post for my sister’s super aggressive dog this weekend when I had to run out and buy him a new chain because he broke the old one (And it was a tow-chain at that!). It maybe took me a half hour or so, but every day following, I just look at it and go “Motherfucker, I built this.”to myself and feel overly proud. I don’t know why I feel so damned proud, it’s not like I reroofed the house by myself or jackhammered a floor to pieces and installed new drain lines by myself but man that feeling.