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This Fan-Made Robotech Movie Trailer Will Give You Chills

Just this past week, I was talking about Robotech—the adaptation of the Japanese Macross series that was one of the first crossover anime hits from Japan in the 1980s—with a friend of mine, saying how it was essentially a military soap opera for adolescent boys where the drama was acted out with giant robots. And not just any robots. Robots with fighter jet cockpit heads and giant metal fists. Long live the VF-1, right?


This fan-made trailer—sent in by reader Maximiliano from the town of Bahia Blanca in Argentina—captures the electric sensation of watching massive alien warbots swoop down and crunch down with a cataclysmic landing. All of the effects work in this teaser is impressive, especially it's being done by amateurs. Let's see some more of it, please.

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Man, I remember seeing Robotech Crystal Dreams back in E3 97(N64) These eyes have seen something rare. I hope it makes a comeback.