This Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition Trailer Celebrates the Folks That Waited

Did you forego picking up Fallout: New Vegas and its downloadable content in the hopes that Bethesda would release some sort of Ultimate Edition featuring everything rolled into one? Then February 7 (10 in Europe) is your day to reap your patience's reward.


As someone that only played about an hour of Fallout: New Vegas, I am looking forward to being able to run to the store and snag a DLC-complete copy for $49.99 ($39.99 PC) on February 7. No fuss, no muss; just one disc packed with post-apocalyptic goodness waiting for me to happen to it.

Did you wait?

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Those of you people who read my Games Arch Doesn't Hate editorial yesterday ([]) already know what to do here. Buy this game, and be amazed at how much better it is than Bethesda's samey garbage.

Additionally: The 360 version is probably not one disc; the FO3 and Oblivion GOTY Editions were both a "game disc" and a "bonus content" disc on 360 despite having DLC packed right in on PS3 and PC. This will probably be the same.