This Fallout Film Is So Fantastic, You Might Mistake It As Official

Fallout Nuka Break—Red Star is no ordinary Fallout fan film. It's a fan film that had "creative input" from Fallout developers such as Tim Cain and Chris Avellone—so it's no wonder that it's damned fantastic.

You've got a little bit of everything here—from iconic armor, to traders, caps and even super mutants. It's pretty clear that this is a labor of love from Fallout fans and developers alike. Unlike the games, however, this film is more on the gritty side. Little traditional Fallout humor, although the serious tone allows us to see the stark realities of a post-nuclear world.


This isn't the first creation by Waydide Creations, though. Two years ago, there was Fallout: Nuka Break—which you can watch here:

And there's also an entire Nuka Break season.

Red Star, which is a follow-up, is the first in a series of fan-created films from Machinima Prime that will launch in the coming weeks.

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