This Early Video Game Art is Charmingly Primitive

People will find ways to make art with whatever they have — even if all they have is a failed video game console.


Enter Human Vectors, a 1980s video art piece unearthed by The New Museum as part of it’s XFR STN media conservation project. The piece was made by Dov Jacobson primarily with the Vectrex, a failed vector-based game console that launched just in time for the video game crash of 1983. The result is a charmingly simple work of primitive gaming pop-art.

Thanks to the New Museum and, it’s now available for future generations. For a longer interview on the piece and its history, read the full interview at Rhizome.

[ and The New Museum, via Rhizome]

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Holy shit, it's mega impressive that he was able to make the Vectrex push that hard. Quite a powerful system for its time.