This Dating Simulator Makes It Incredibly Difficult To Find Love

Save the Date is a text-based dating simulator. It's also a really funny comment on how we play games. We've posted about it before, but I finally got to play it, and I had to record some highlights to share. Check it out!


You get the idea of where the game is going pretty quickly, but it's still a fun ride. In an interview with Animal, creator Chris Cornell sums up part of why I enjoyed the game so much:

From my point of view it was really exciting, because this was a story I actually could not think of any way to tell other than the game I was envisioning. To me that's kind of neat. The reason that I hoped it would work was because it was going to deliberately involve the player as a participant in the story. That would be very difficult to reproduce with anything that didn't have a player that was participating.


You can play the game for free (windows, mac or linux) here.

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In my ending, we saw a meteor shower and fell asleep on the hill together. The next morning we went to Waffle House and shared a breakfast of waffles, eggs, hash browns, and bacon. We dated and were happy, though both she and I were acutely aware that we were outside of the scope of one script. We were in the space between stories, making our own, and though we could not see each other's part of the story, we shared it while we could.